We assure a fast and efficient technical support to the users of the products distributed by Belge Engineering.

This support must be used by companies or universities that fit in one of the following cases and that are using the most recent version of the software in question:

User with maintenance and technical support contract up to date with Belge;

Participant of a recent course given by Belge who is developing a pilot project in his(her) company;

Teacher that needs help in the implementation of our products in the academic disciplines taught by him(her).

The users who fit in the cases above also receive from Belge a password to access the "Promodel solutions café" (, reserved area of the Promodel site that makes available various services like FAQ(answers to frequent questions), knowledge base(search tools), icons and models libraries, more recent versions to download, tips and techniques, discussion chat, etc.

OBS: requests for help and doubts should be sent directly to Belge and not to the "Solutions Café".

Basic Support Flow Chart: