Belge Engineering through its wide experience in consultancy supplies solutions that improved performances of manufacture processes present in industries: automotive, petrochemical, metallurgical, metal-mechanics, consumption goods, paper, cement, electronic, among others.

Through a simple however robust methodology, Belge Engineering has been enabling several companies, managers and administrators to make decisions about production strategies (MTO, OPT, Just in Team, 6 Sigma, Lean, etc), production programming, materials movement, measurement of new productive units, balancing and layout, automations, etc.

Belge's Solutions for the manufacture area consist of three fundamental elements: Specialty in the sector, efficiency in the projects management and the VAO technology. The VAO technology is built on a powerful simulation software of proved efficiency that models the real environment considering multiple hypotheses, information variability, resources conflict and complex interdependences.

VISUALIZE the process of current manufacture in action, including all the hypotheses, variability, interdependences and conflicts, that are inherent in the complex industrial organization.

ANALYZE the potential processes and procedures changes to determine its impacts before pledging resources in a certain action line.

OPTIMIZE its decisions capacity and performance levels for immediate and future benefits.

The superior result of a VAO solution reduces risks, avoids unwished results and increases your assertiveness regarding a better decision

With Promodel's VAO Technology and Methodology you can:

  • reduce inventories;
  • scale new layouts and industrial plants;
  • evaluate investments in new production equipament and technologies;
  • find and to eliminate necks and obstacles;
  • optimize resources and space allocation;
  • maximize productivity and efficiency;
  • plan the future today.