Logistics Consulting

Introducing our team

Specialist Logistic Consultant Equipe Filial Rio de Janeiro Equipe Matriz São Paulo Equipe Filial Campinas

Experienced consultants - Several MsC. nd PhD. Engineers from the best US and European Universities.

Belge implements personalized solutions that improve productivity, adding benefits in several areas. Our team has an extremely well succeeded experience in implementing special tools concerning software and manufacture consultancy, logistics, health care services, public sector, financial sector and company reengineering. The software and consultancy solutions through Promodel technology have resulted in more than a billion dollars in accumulated returns to our clients.


  • Inventory Reduction;
  • Lay out,lines and cells dimension evaluation;
  • Technical and financial analysis of equipment and new technologies investments;
  • New processes planning and development;
  • Production scheduling;
  • Lean production, 6 sigma and restriction theory implantation support;
  • Materials movement project.


  • Transport systems planning and analysis (highway, naval, aerial, railroad);
  • Supply chain improvement;
  • Distribution centres (CD`s) rationalization and optimization;
  • Equipment dimension evaluation: fork lifts, rolling bridges, etc;
  • Airports and ports.


  • Hospital processes optimization: ER, internment, exam centre, operation centres and supplies;
  • Services and postal logistics: telephony, energy, water and garbage collect;
  • Call centre planning and analysis;
  • Banks: attending and process flow.

Simulation technology is our services the main differential and allows a precise analysis of real necessities through the VAO technology.

The VAO technology was built based in a powerful simulation tool(ProModel) that differently from other traditional analysis methods, allows a much more precise evaluation of complex situations in which the existent interdependence grade and variability in the process are determining factors to a good solution.

VISUALIZE - In decision making, the understanding of the business whole dynamics is extremely important. This includes the visualization and understanding of all the processes and policies adopted,considering the variability and interdependence between them.

ANALYZE - The next step involves every process analysis and the various alternatives of modifications. The creation of new scenarios allows the evaluation of the impact of changes regarding the process as a whole.

OPTIMIZE - Based on the results presented by the simulation tool, it is possible to make decisions that optimize the process performance.