• Alain de Norman et d'Audenhove

    Mechanic Engineer from EESC-USP(83) with post graduated in University of Brussels/Belgium. 26 years of professional experience on planning and computer sectors of Mercedes-Benz, Villares and Siemens. Founding partner of BELGE Engineering and Systems, he coordinated the implementation of simulation in dozens of big companies, turning himself in the most experienced professional of South America in implementation of this technology.

  • Marcelo Koiti Fugihara

    Industrial Engineer from UFSCAR, Green Belt 6 Sigma from INDG – Institute of Management Development, 10 years of experience in industrial engineering, statistic, logistic and simulation projects areas. Project manager and expert consultant at Belge Engineering, working in a wide range of simulation projects in huge companies, such as VALE, Gerdau, Unilever, Coca Cola, Votorantim, ArcelorMittal, Cummins, Braskem, etc.

  • Michel de Norman et d´Audenhove

    Naval Engineer from the Polytechnic School of USP (1979), 33 years of experience in Systems and Engineering, with extensive experience in developing simulation projects both in areas of logistics and manufacturing. He has worked on projects with Petrobras, Vale, Gerdau, ArcelorMittal, CSN, Shell, Ipiranga, BR Distribuidora, Repsol, Libra, MultiRio, Braskem, BBraun, and others.

  • Peter Bent Hansen

    Mechanic Engineer from UFRGS (81), with Master’s Degree and doctorate in Industrial Engineering. Over 13 years of professional experience in a huge company of electric sector. Working as a teacher in production management (costs, process, key performing indicators, simulation, and operational research) at PUCRS, UNISINOS and UFRGS. Working as a consultant in production management and simulation projects: GKN, Forjas Taurus, Perto-Digicon, RGE, Andreas, Stihl and Parker Hydraulics.

  • Henrique Antonio Ribeiro Aguilar

    Graduated in Mechanic Engineering from Escola Politecnica da USP and in Automotive Engineering from Politecnico di Torino/Italy. Nowadays he performs in simulation projects and had participation in many projects such as Katoen Natie, Gerdau, Syncreon, Poyry, Vale and Cola Cola.

  • Tiago Pellegrini Travassos Vieira

    Graduating in Industrial Engineering from Escola Politecnica da USP. Developed an undergraduate research project at products development area and he also worked in the Department Applied Mathematics supporting the Professors of Numerical Calculus. Nowadays, his activities are related on the IT and Projects areas as trainee consultant of Belge Engineering and Systems.

  • Leandro Falconi Filippi

    Graduated in Industrial Engineering with emphasis on Sustainability from UFSCAR – Sorocaba campus. He works as consultant at projects area of simulation related on Operational Research, Logistic and Material Handling. He developed projects for huge companies such as Coca Cola, Danone, Eucatex, Pöyry, Suzano, etc.

  • Ricardo Moura

    Electronic Engineer and Master Degree in Industrial Engineering from UF-AM, Short MBA from New Mexico University/USA, Master Black belt from Air Academy Associates/USA, instructor of Master Black Belt from Sony University/Tokyo and Instructor for formation of Lean Leaders using the Sigma Breakthrough Technologies Inc. (SBTI) methodology. Over 15 years of experience in industry. Huge experience in industrial projects management, particularly in engineering, quality, manufacture and logistic areas, working actively and evaluating improvements over 300 industrial projects.

  • Bernard Patrick Maximilien Dias Laporte

    Graduated in Mechanic Engineering from UNICAMP – Campinas. He has experience in automotive industry, working with Lean Manufacturing, 6 Sigma (Grenn Belt – SOA) and PMO. Nowadays he makes projects of simulation and had participation in several projects such as Santher, Cimentos Itambé, Gerdau, Danone and Cummins.

  • Vitor George

    Civil Engineer from University of Sao Paulo and Green Belt Six Sigma. He was technical assistant and trainee in logistic on Gerdau, performed in consulting of urban transports and regional in Mexico and has 4 years of experience in logistic and simulation areas.

  • Fábio Heiji Yamada

    Graduating in Industrial Engineering from Escola Politecnica da USP. He has experience in Lean Production and Statistical Process Control Areas. Nowadays, his activities are related on IT, Technical Support and Consulting Projects Areas as Trainee Consultant of Belge Engineering and Systems.

  • Raphael Ambrico Fagundes

    Graduating in Industrial Engineering with emphasis in Sustainability from UFSCAR, campus Sorocaba. He worked in undergraduate research projects in Differential Equation and Operational Research applied on production planning, with which published scientific articles in national and international congress. He did an exchange at University of Buenos Aires, where studied Marketing and Integrated Logistic.

  • Tiago Ramos Louzada

    Graduated in Industrial Engineering from PUC-RIO and MBA in business management from UFRJ – Rio de Janeiro. He has experience in the areas of Logistic Planning, controlling and development of Key Performance Indicators and studying of viability of industrial projects. Nowadays, he develops consulting projects at Belge Engineering and Systems.

  • Marcela Cambraia Marin

    Graduating in Industrial Engineering with emphasis in Sustainability from UFSCAR, campusSorocaba. She worked in manufacturing area in Dana Holding Corporation and hasexperience in projects on layout, material handling and quality. She also haspublished scientific articles related to labor planning. Nowadays, she act as Consultant of Belge.

  • Gustavo Sioni Bósoli

    Manufacturing Engineer with emphasis on Sustainability from Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar), Sorocaba Campus. Worked on an undergraduate research project, funded by a governmental agency, where he developed a computational model to evaluate the productivity of several modal in the mechanized harvesting of wood. In addition, he is the author of an article published at the Brazilian National Meeting of Manufacturing Engineering (ENEGEP - Encontro Nacional de Engenharia de Produção) concerning the validation of a factory layout rearrangement by the use of computational simulation.

  • Ricardo Floriano de Souza

    Graduating in Mechanical Engineering from Escola Politécnica of USP. He worked in undergraduate research, with project of test stand of wind turbines. He published an article in the International Symposium of USP. Nowadays, his activities are relate on IT, technical support and consulting projects as Trainee Consultant of Belge Engenharia e Sistemas.

  • Leticia Emi Nomura

    Graduating in Naval Engineering from Escola Politecnica da USP. She designed a brake system and also was the planning manager in a team whose purpose was to design and build an off-road competitive vehicle with limited resources. Other experiences that might be highlighted are the internship in Lean Production consulting and an analysis for the Brazilian Navy about static stability of a floating dock.

  • Stepan Santos Starek

    Graduating in Industrial Engineering from FACAMP - Faculdades de Campinas. He developed improvements projects at Caterpillar using 6 Sigma and Lean Manufacturing tools and, joined with the project, he was certified as Green Belt 6 Sigma. Nowadays, he acts as Consultant of Belge Engenharia e Sistemas.