Founded in april 6th, 1995, Belge originated in Siemens department of "Technological Integrated Solutions". The company has been started as the exclusive distribution of Promodel Corporation (Utah) in Brazil, becoming later the official distributor of BFS-Business Forecast Systems (Boston) as well.

We are a consultancy company specialized in mathematics modeling (simulation and optimization) and forecasting applied to the various business sectors, besides to the consultancy in this areas we also provide the tools (softwares with due training and technical support) if your company intends to develop these solutions internally.

Belge is specialized in providing products and services with high technological content regarding decision making in the logistic field and in the industrial and services sectors.

To raise the technological level of the companies, concerning special solutions and decision making tools for complex systems, in order to provide significant productivity and competitiveness improvement.

Consultancy projects in industrial productivity, logistical planning and process optimization; Special softwares providing-sales and high level technical support; Training.